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The University of Texas at Arlington

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

BOX 19308
425 Nedderman Hall
Arlington, Texas 76019-0309
Telephone: 817-272-5740
Fax: 817- 272-2630

UTA Test Report:
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City University of London, UK

Structures Research Centre
School of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences
City University
Northampton Square
London EC1 VOHB


City University of London Test Reports:

1. Freeze-Thaw Testing of Concrete Posts in Accordance with ASTM C 1262-98
“Standard Test Method for Evaluating the Freeze Thaw Durability of Manufactured Concrete Masonry Units and Related Concrete Units”.
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2. A procedure for Verifying Pavix CCC100 Concrete Impregnation by Core Examination.
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3. Testing of Reinforced and Pre-stressed Concrete Highway Structures Impregnated with Pavix CCC100 in Accordance with the Procedures of Appendix 2, Design Manual for Roads and Bridges BD 43/03.
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4. Verification of Pavix Impregnation by Core Testing.
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5. Effect of Pavix on Graffiti Removal. This document presents the outcomes of an investigation into the performance of Ekosorb anti-graffiti products and the effects of Pavix impregnation on this. Results presented include pictures of surfaces before and after pollution with graffiti paints.
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6. Pavix Test Report on Vegetation Control. This report deals with the role of Pavix impregnation in helping to combat vegetation on railway arch masonry. Results are given as a series of comparative photographs before and after treatment. Findings have implications for historic buildings and heritage sites.
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