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Water-based High-gloss Acrylic Sealer & Dust Proofer with 30% Solids Content

CHEM-SEAL 30-WB is a high performance, one-component, water-based, acrylic sealer and dust proofer with 30% solids content by weight. It is a milky white emulsion, which dries to form a clear and high gloss film.

CHEM-SEAL 30-WB is UV stable and weather resistant. It is designed to protect all indoor and outdoor concrete and masonry surfaces on residential, commercial and light industrial applications.

CHEM-SEAL 30-WB can be used on concrete floors and walls, decorative concrete, stained concrete, stones, terrazo, and wood. Areas of applications include:

• Side walks
• Patios
• Factory floors
• Restaurants
• Pool decks
• Shopping centers
• Concrete roofs
• Terrazzo tiled roofs
• Natural stone buildings and stone cladding
• As a prime coat on concrete and asphalt substrates prior to application of acrylic floor coatings in tennis courts

200 to 300 ft² per gallon (4.91 m² to 7.34 m² per liter). Coverage depends on the porosity of the substrate and the final gloss required. Higher gloss finish requires more material. More porous substrate requires more material.

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