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Non-rusting Metallic Dry Shake Hardener for Concrete Floors

CHEM-PLATE CCC960 is a factory-prepared ready-mixed, pure, non-rusting metal aggregate, shake-on, floor hardener. CHEM-PLATE CCC960 is composed of flat angular iron aggregate, cubical in dimension, designed to produce a thick armored floor where greater impact protection and abrasion resistance are demanded by engineers and owners. The CHEM-PLATE CCC960 formula with its engi¬neered proprietary additives, allows complete dispersion and placement capabilities of higher application rates to achieve greater iron floor thickness for increased wear areas. CHEM-PLATE CCC960 aggregates are carefully selected from ground, non-rusting aggregate. The aggregates are kiln fired to com¬pletely de-rust and remove all oil, grease, soluble alkaline com¬pounds or other foreign materials. The 100% ferrous aggregates are carefully sized to assure ease of placement with resulting ductility and quality for maximum product performance. The aggregate (stone, gravel and sand) gives the concrete its wearing capacity and abrasion resistance. With CHEM-PLATE CCC960, the top 118" is reinforced with one of the hardest and most durable metallic aggregates resulting in up to 9 times longer-lasting floors under the most severe wear conditions.

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