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Architectural Textured Structural Coating

CHEM-SHIELD CCC800 is a remarkably beautiful textured coating formulated to provide aesthetic variations and achievements while adding durability and protection for new constructions or upgrading existing structures.

CHEM-SHIELD CCC800 forms a heavy-duty thick film finish for the aesthetic enhancement and protection of exterior and interior surfaces. The finish provides a uniform texture which minimizes surface defects without altering architectural features of the surface.

CHEM-SHIELD CCC800 has a base of Polyprene, a durable and waterproof synthetic elastomer-polyester resin. It is not an emulsion, contains no vinyl or acrylic. CHEM-SHIELD CCC800 is unexcelled in beauty and performance.

The tough, flexible CHEM-SHIELD CCC800 film provides fungicidal, fire retardant, mildew resistant and insulating values not available in other building materials concept. CHEMSHILED CCC800 provides the maximum weathering protection for construction assemblies.

CHEM-SHIELD CCC800 can be applied to many types of substrates including: Steel, Concrete, Wood, Brick, Plaster, Concrete Block, Sheetrock, Galvanized Metal, Stucco, Masonite, and Plywood.

CHEM-SHIELD CCC800 is available as smooth, sand and perlite textured. Perlite textures are available in 3 grades; fine, medium, and heavy.

CHEM-SHIELD CCC800 has been used extensively by various state highway departments to finish concrete bridge structures, bridge abutment, median strips, retaining walls, etc.

CHEM-SHIELD CCC800 can be used in Bridges, Parking garages, Street Median strips, Retaining walls, Stadiums, Desalination Plants, Industrial Plants, Apartment Buildings, Waste water treatment plants.

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