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Non-Toxic High Build Solvent-Free Epoxy Coating (Water Tank Lining)

Chem-Crete E-430 is a two-component, ready-to-use, and high-build solvent-free epoxy coating system.

Chem-Crete E-430 is a decorative, waterproofing and protective high build epoxy coating specially formulated to meet the ‘in service’ protection of concrete and steel. It has high chemical resistance characteristics.

Chem-Crete E-430 is safe to be used for potable water applications like waterproofing of water tanks.

• Food and beverage processing plants
• Potable water storage tanks and reservoir
• Canning and bottling factories
• Chemical factories, tanning and paper plants
• Water and sewage treatment plants
• Desalination plants
• Oil refineries and power stations
• Hospitals, laboratories, and abattoirs
• Protective coatings for storage silos, equipment, machinery and live stock housing

1 gallon (3.785 L) Unit
5 gallon (18.925 L) Unit
25 gallon (94.625 L) Unit

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