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High Performance Non-Shrink Cementitious Grout

CEM310 is a ready-to-use, durable, non-metallic, flowable, high strength, cementitious and one component non-shrink grout. It complies to ASTM 1107-Type B.

CEM310 comprises of a balanced blend of washed and graded silica sands, finely crushed Portland cement, flow improvement compounds and an inorganic shrinkage compensation additive, which densifies the grout.

CEM 310 inorganic shrinkage compensating additive completely fills the voids to make the mix dense, strong and stable grout.

CEM310 produces high early and ultimate strengths without intermediate and latent shrinkage. The inorganic shrinkage compensating additive works hardest between initial set and final set reducing normal grout tendencies to drying shrinkage.

CEM310 remains stable without failure from compressive loading, impact, lateral thrusts, high heat or continuous vibration.

CEM310 is used on the interior or exterior applications in both flowable and trowlable consistencies.

CEM310 is used to grout structural columns, heavy machinery bases, post tensioning cables, anchor bolts, precast ‘T’ joints, bearing plates rails, gaps, recesses, column pockets, etc.

CEM310 is also used in large scale repairs to the damaged concrete structures, honeycombs, etc.

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