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Hydrophilic Moisture & Vapor Blocker up to 10 Lbs per 1000 ft² per 24 Hours

Chem-Crete SofiX CCC100 CHEM-CRETE SOFIX CCC100 is a unique water-based blend of catalyzed chemicals that permanently eliminate moisture transmission through concrete structures up to 10 Lbs per 1000 ft2 per 24 Hours*. The moisture blocking mechanism of CHEM-CRETE SOFIX CCC100 occurs as a result of a crystallization process that takes place within the concrete capillaries, voids and pores. The CHEM-CRETE SOFIX CCC100 produces water insoluble hydrophilic crystals. The affinity of the crystals to moisture is extremely high. In the presence of hydrostatic pressure or under wet conditions, the crystals absorb moisture and rapidly swell to block concrete pores and capillaries, preventing moisture penetration. The very low viscosity of CHEM-CRETE SOFIX CCC100 allows it to penetrate deeply into a concrete substrate. The product protects, preserves and waterproofs without any surface film formation or color change.

* ASTM F1869: Standard Test Method for Measuring Moisture Vapor Emission Rate of Concrete Subfloor Using Anhydrous Calcium Chloride.

CHEM-CRETE SOFIX CCC100 can be used in the following applications:

• Slabs which will receive coverings like carpet, wood & tile
• Floors which will receive epoxy, polyurethane and polyurea coatings
• Walls which will receive paints and coatings.
• Algae, mold, fungus and bacteria abatement applications.
• Retaining Walls & Basements.
• Foundations, Slabs and Concrete Floors.
• Side Walks.
• Industrial Plants
• Subway Tunnels

4 - 1 GAL JUG.

To place an order with our company please contact customer service by e-mail or by phone at 1 800 480 0878.

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